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"Salt & Light" Leadership Camp 2019

Salt & Light, Leadership Camp 2019 was held in St Anne’s church Bukit Mertajam from 1-3 of March 2019 for all campus leaders Penang Diocese. The main objective of this camp which was organised by the Penang Diocesan Youth Network (PDYN) team, was to provide leadership training for the university Catholic Student Society (CSS) leaders as they prepare to embark on a journey of serving the church and to lead the catholic students in their respective campus, and also to create a relationship between CSS of other campuses. Around 40 participants from 12 campuses, volunteers, and PDYN staffs participated in this camp for a fruit filled time of getting to know each other besides gaining knowledge on how to serve in their CSS. Several sessions were held in conjunction with the theme SALT & LIGHT which was led by several speakers, Mayette Bugaon, Deacon Lazarus, Andre Ong and Michael Xavier.


Salt & Light Leadership Camp 2019



"I have been chosen"

I realized that my self identity is very important in determining who I am and what is my significance. Before this I always saw myself as a disappointment and a person who can't contribute much to other individuals rather the society, due to certain mistakes and wrong decisions made in the past as an individual as well as a leader in the Catholics society of my campus. I have achieved realizing that I am chosen, worthy and put through these situations because I have been chosen for a certain purpose by God and despite all wrongdoings my God still believes in me and knows that I have a bigger purpose in life, and that is to be an example and a leader to all members of catholics society as well as all catholics around my campus over this weekend with God's spirit and grace. Realizing that this is a struggle among most students in tertiary education level, I can use what I've learnt throughout these 3 days to help others who are struggling in the campus.